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*Prediction and Assessment of Corrosivity - Multiclient Program

Predict Corrosion Profile

Predict 3.0 now provides a useful utility to perform an analysis for corrosion index calculation over the length of a pipe. It is available from the tool bar by clicking on the Corrosion Profile icon. This option provides a tool for calculating the Corrosion Rates, not only at a single point in the piping system, but at user specified number of points over the entire length of the pipe. The user specifies all the required information in the form of pressure and temperature conditions at pipe inlet and outlet, the total pipe length and the number of equidistant points for corrosion analysis.

This module enables the user to:
* View Corrosion Rates Profile along a pipe line for both horizontal and vertical flow
* Predict Water Phase Behavior
* Calculate Dew point temperature, water content of gas & presence of liquid water and phase distribution
* Easily perform corrosion analysis for entire pipe length

It is essential to perform corrosion analysis over a pipe length since many factors like change in temperature/pressure occur along the length. These changes affect many parameters including the water phase behavior which in turn affects corrosion rates. In some cases the system may show very high corrosion rates at certain points downstream due to the condensation of water. Predict's enhanced calculation rules for predicting the water-content of natural gas and dew point calculations enable accurate predictions for water condensation ans thus corrosion rates. A glance at the corrosion profile informs the user of such problem spots in the pipe system where there is a high possibility of water condensation and thus very high corrosion rates.

The functionality to copy the profile data and paste into a spreadsheet or document is also provided. This provides the user the flexibility to generate and format various profiles. The report generation module can be used to efficiently print the profile as well as the corrosion rate data.

Predict Flow Dialog