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*Prediction and Assessment of Corrosivity - Multiclient Program

Predict Cost Analysis Dialog

Predict facilitates a rigorous, present worth cost analysis for a given material through the Cost icon on the toolbar. Clicking on the Cost icon leads to a dialog box as shown below. The cost analysis module allows you to compare the costs of using different materials for a given project using a large number of relevant factors that are typically used in performing cost analyses:
* Material costs (delivery, design, construction) data such as poundage and supply
* Operating Costs
* Maintenance Costs
* Taxes, Depreciation and salvage value
* Recurring annual cost
Predict takes into account different elements of project life costing to determine an annualized (per year cost) using a specific material as well as the total cost over the life time of the project. The user has to specify all the input data in the data slots and click on the CALC button in the dialog box. The program will display the annualized cost and present worth after taxes (PWAT) based on the life of the project at the bottom of the dialog box, shown in below.

Predict Cost Analysis Dialog