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*Prediction and Assessment of Corrosivity - Multiclient Program


Predict is a new generation software tool that addresses one of the most significant issues in corrosion evaluation, i.e., assessment and prediction of corrosion rates for steels exposed to corrosive environments. Predict, a by-product of years of corrosion research and modeling, puts to good use application of state-of-the-art software technology to provide access to a comprehensive knowledge on corrosion decision-making. It's easy-to-use graphical tool integrates the effects of a complex set of environmental parameters to provide a corrosion rate assessment based on extensive literature data, lab testing and field experience.


* Predict performs a rigorous evaluation of corrosive environments and provides a prediction of maximum potential corrosion rate of steels.
* Incorporates comprehensive and accurate corrosion modeling to account for the effects of a number of critical parameters.
* Generates Corrosion Profile along linear pipe length for both horizontal and vertical flow
* Helps in the determination of system pH, Dew Point Temperature, and water condensate for typical oil and gas production environments.
* Provides decision-making rules for corrosion characterization on the basis of a corrosion model that accounts for the interaction of different critical parameters.
* Determines annualized and present worth cost as a means to conducting cost analyses to compare different material choices.
* Includes an intuitive, graphical, easy-to-use interface.
* Microsoft® Windows based tool that can run on most common personal computers.
* Easy to use graphical interface makes using the system a simple task.
* Extensive context sensitive on-line help assists the user in understanding the significance of different corrosion evaluation parameters.
* Enhanced Report Generation module enables to document particular cases and data
* Cost analysis module facilitates comparison of project cost when using different materials.
* Can be easily installed on any stand-alone or network system compatible with Windows/Windows NT/Windows for Work groups/Windows-95, 98,2000, XP operating system.
* Can lead to significant reduction in time spent assessing corrosion and can be a means for obtaining cost-effective automated solutions.
* Access to extensive consulting and development support from InterCorr in using/customizing Predict.