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Socrates Environmental Evaluation

As the user specifies environmental data, the program calculates and displays two synergistic corrosion and cracking characterization parameters:

The environmental severity for CRAs is determined as a function of the following parameters:

* Acid gases, H2S and CO2
* HCO3
* Chlorides
* Maximum operating temperature
* Gas to Oil Ratio
* Water to Gas Ratio/Water Cut
* Presence of elemental sulfur/Aeration
* Acetates and Ionic Strength

The data for determination of the environmental severity comes from over one hundred references used in Socrates development as well as significant lab and field data available to InterCorr through its own testing programs as well as the group of companies that were sponsors of the development effort. Socrates also determines the system pH based on acid gas partial pressures, buffering (bicarbonate ion concentration) and temperature. The pH is dynamically displayed on the Screen as the user inputs environmental data.

Socrates also generates a required pitting index (RPI) based on environmental severity and maximum operating temperature. The materials displayed in the solution window are such that only materials that have a pitting index higher than the computed RPI are displayed. Pitting Index for materials in Socrates is computed using the relationship

PI = Cr + 3.3 Mo + 11 N + 1.5 (W + Cb)

The figure below shows the selected materials within a specific class displayed by double clicking on any materials folder.

Socrates Selected Materials