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New Features in Strategy-A 3.0

Strategy-A 3.0 has a host of new features that provide easy data access to users. Some of the new features in Strategy-A 3.0 include:
* Strategy-A 3.0 uses MS Access as the database to store data. This allows users to import and export data from the database to other Microsoft Office® applications and all data is stored as tables within one database thus optimizing data storage and handling.
* Strategy-A 3.0 allows users to save and print consultation reports as MS Word documents that can be later opened from MS Word and edited like any other word document.
* Strategy-A 3.0 does not restrict users to any one particular system of units. Earlier versions of Strategy-A would require manual conversion of parameters into one consistent units' system. Often times parameters from the field are not provided in any one system of units and this feature allows users the luxury of selecting any units system for any parameter.
* This feature allows users to compare and analyze one environment against all materials in the database or one material against all environments in the database. The results of this data analyzer module can then be saved as an MS Excel spreadsheet.
* Strategy-A 3.0 allows users to specify a measured pH value and force Strategy-A to use the specified value instead of the calculated pH value.

Application of the Strategy-A system results in significant cost and time savings and provides end users the following benefits:
* Increased accuracy and reduced response time for decisions involving sour pipeline operations' materials selection and reliability assessment
* A significant reduction in the time spent by materials specialists in dealing with routine questions from operations personnel
* More uniform and effective decision making from operations personnel without materials background
* Reduced training time for new professionals entering the area
* A tool to support rigorous materials evaluation of refinery steels and understanding different aspects of wet H2S cracking